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Your expert accounting and FinOps team

We are a small team of responsive, personable, and highly qualified professionals with a can-do attitude.

We have years of industry expertise; we’re equipped to understand the needs of your business and deliver an accounting service specifically with your sector in mind, regardless of your company’s size.

A message from our founder

I started Venn Accounts as a result of a bad experience with an accountancy provider. I’d needed to reduce my administrative load as I was working brutal hours within Fintech consulting. Unfortunately, I found the opposite. In hindsight, I’d been far too influenced by price – a tough lesson I’ve learnt since becoming an “entrepreneur.”

You really do get what you pay for.

That’s where Venn come in. We focus on providing small business owners with more than just a tick box accountancy service and genuinely become an extension of your team. Testament to how good we are, our growth has been almost entirely through word of mouth.

My team and I are ready when you are.


Our chartered accountancy services

Venn Accounts offers a wide range of chartered accountancy services, which can be provided as single services with caveats (such as a free bookkeeping review) or combined as tailored accounting packages, depending on the needs of your business.

Corporation Tax Services

Make your corporation tax less demanding by streamlining your processes. We do all the heavy lifting, and we make sure your accounts are clear, compliant and bang up to date.


The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) are UK government initiatives that encourage innovation by making it more attractive for investors to put money into SMEs.

Employment Related Securities (ERS)

Employment related securities (ERS) refers to shares or securities that a limited company gives to employees.

Management Accounts

Management accounts provide you with useful information to help run your business, and your management accountant produces them for you more regularly than annual accounts.

Online Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is the bread and butter of your business’s financial health, and it’s something you need to keep fresh and up to date. We’ll help you manage your records and your day to day financial admin.


Running your payroll is a commitment, but we won’t let it get on top of you. Our payroll management works to keep you compliant, keep things running smoothly, and keep your employees happy.

R&D Tax Credits

R&D tax credits are part of a UK scheme, where you can claim for certain costs, if they qualify.


Paying your tax on time is crucial, but so is paying the right amount. Working with you, we’ll make sure you’re claiming back all that you should, and that your accounts make sense, to you and the tax office.

Statutory Accounts

Completing your annual accounts is about much more than going through the motions. We’ll make sure your accounts stand up to scrutiny and that you’re on-track to meeting your goals and objectives.


With our help, your VAT returns needn’t be a chore. We can help you plan your VAT so it doesn’t stretch your resources, and make sure you reclaim as much as possible.

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Beyond Accountancy

How we work

When we first onboard a client, we’ll set up an online meeting between you and one of our senior chartered accountants to gain a full, comprehensive understanding of your business plans and requirements from us as your accountant. We will take the time to fully understand your business, no matter how complex it may be.

Next, we’ll need you to provide us with any necessary documentation or access to any accountancy software. From here, we’ll analyse and review any documents provided – if required, we may follow this up with a quick call or email to ask any questions we may have.

We’ll then produce any documentation that requires your signature, before submitting your financial report to relevant authorities. Once done, we’ll support you with any questions that you may have while working with us.

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