How Much Corporation Tax Should I Pay?

Calculating Corporation Tax

Corporation tax applied to trading profits and sold assets, and the time periods in which applicable companies must pay their bill are stringently enforced. Knowing how to calculate corporation tax is an essential element in an accountant’s toolkit, but business owners and company directors can also benefit from knowledge of how corporation tax works. If […]

Filing Your Company Tax Returns

File Company Tax Returns

Company tax returns are one of the numerous formal obligations you face as a business. As well as keeping track of profits and weighing up expenses, and before you can know how much corporation tax you need to pay – if any – you must also file your company accounts and tax returns. Filing your […]

Can a Small Business Get a Tax Refund?

Small Business Tax Refunds

Working out taxes as a small business can be a tricky task. Knowing what you are – and are not – liable to pay against eligible relief and allowances can mean calculations are often not the most straightforward. Your small business may be eligible for a tax refund to help ease the amount due to […]

What Taxes do Small Businesses Pay?

Small Business Tax

Taxes are an inevitable expense of any small business, but not all tax bills are equal. The amount of small business tax to be paid differs, for instance, between a sole trader and a limited company. Let’s take a look at the taxes that a small business can expect to encounter and which ones you […]

How long should an accountant keep client records?

How long do accountants keep client records

Keeping records is incredibly important for a business. They prove that you’ve met relevant obligations, and that the claims you make in regard to financial goings-in and out are substantiated. Accountants need to hold on to records after they’ve been sent to HMRC and Companies House for the purpose of annual accounts. But for how […]

Is it a legal requirement to have an accountant?

Do you need an accountant to file accounts

Having an accountant on side for your business can do so much for your financial health and organisation. However, despite the strengths of a chartered accountant, it isn’t a legal requirement to employ their services. What about your statutory obligations to HMRC and Companies House? Do you need an accountant to file accounts or to […]

What qualities should an accountant have?

What qualities should a good accountant have

When thinking of the qualities an accountant needs to have, one obvious requirement comes immediately to mind: good with numbers! Of course, this isn’t the only strength of a good accountant these days, and what an accountant should know for your SME comes down to much more than mathematics. Let’s take a closer look. What […]

What role does an accountant play in my business?

What is the role of an accountant in a business

Accountants are the people who know how to guide you through the complicated realm of taxes, VAT returns, and other statutory obligations your business has to meet. Having an accountant on your team isn’t a legal requirement, but they’re doubtless a strength that many businesses couldn’t do without. So, what do they actually do? What […]

Do you need an accountant to file your tax return?

Do I need an accountant

Nobody looks forward to paying taxes, but it’s an inevitable part of business for any company. Tax returns must be filed with HMRC every year, and is a routine affair for those familiar with it, but for the uninitiated it can quickly get complex. The internet is rife with questions about the world of tax […]

What is a chartered accountant?

Chartered accountants

Accountants have historically bore an unfair reputation as bean counters, people who will only tell you how much money is going out and how you can hold on to more of it. While this is something an accountant can do, their true roles utilise infinitely more wisdom. Readers who have sought out the services of […]