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Running your payroll is a commitment, but we won’t let it get on top of you. Our payroll management works to keep you compliant, keep things running smoothly, and keep your employees happy.


Using a payroll service run by chartered accountants ensures that your payroll is handled by experts. Accountants know which boxes to check while ensuring every detail is recorded properly.

This helps to guarantee your compliance and prevent government fines for late or improper employee tax submissions. You also have peace of mind that changes in legislation can’t trip you up; chartered accountants are always in the know, so rest easily while we worry about that.

If your small business employs staff, you need payroll. Payroll services for small business help prop up firms that don’t – or can’t afford to – employ in-house staff to handle pay systems. When you have a team with varied workloads, figuring out how to slot payroll in can be tricky.

Payroll services like ours use a bespoke software-based approach to make them as easy as possible to attach to your business.

Small business payroll services are surprisingly affordable, often paid as a modest monthly fee to your accountancy firm that keeps their services running in the background.

Compared to the salary of having an in-house accountant, this is often a no-brainer.

Payroll can be handled by anybody (in theory) and doesn’t legally require any qualifications. However, you will need to establish a firm grasp of payroll software and understand the legal requirements around organising and recording payroll.

Mistakes in submissions to HMRC can be costly, and besides that you can end up paying staff incorrect amounts and leave them struggling while you rectify the errors. Using an accountant avoids amateur mistakes.

To get started with payroll, you need to register as an employer with HMRC (assuming your small business employs staff). You will also need to obtain a login for PAYE.

It’s best to use payroll software to make the recording of employee details as simple as possible, as well as calculating the pay they’re owed and any deductions needed like National Insurance and tax.

Payroll is then an ongoing process of keeping records, informing HMRC of any employee changes, and paying the tax and National Insurance you owe as a business.

Or you can let a chartered accountant handle all of the legwork for you!

No, though bookkeeping does involve some degree of dealing with payroll if your business employs staff.

Payroll is specifically concerned with the list of your employees and how the business remunerates them for their work, including benefits and bonuses.

Bookkeeping is a more general term for the good housekeeping that accountants can provide, dealing with the wider transactions of a business. This can concern payroll but also paying suppliers, billing clients, and recording invoices.

For the most convenient way to keep all your financial ends tied up, it’s best to have the same accountants handle both your payroll and bookkeeping.

Payroll services include everything HMRC needs to know from your business and all the necessary compliance bits and pieces needed to prove that you’re going about paying staff the right way.

Payroll includes:

  • Payments to employees including (but not limited to) wages, bonuses, maternity pay, and sick pay
  • Deductions taken from pay as standard such as tax and National Insurance, as well as additional deductions like student loan repayments
  • Reporting the payments and deductions to HMRC within the right time frames and regularity (on or before each payday)
  • Notifying HMRC when a new employee joins the business
  • Reporting any changes to an employee’s circumstances that change the context of what they pay, what’s deducted, and their direct relationship with the business (e.g. becoming a director)

Payroll includes a lot more than simply sending the right cash to the right people on the right day, which is why payroll services for small business are so welcome.

Yes, and furthermore, we believe an accountant is the best person to handle payroll.

Accountants are experts at dealing with the financial side of business. As well as handling tasks like payroll, they can offer professional advice and guidance to your business for when things get complicated or you’re unsure on how to proceed with an issue.

The help of an accountant makes payroll simple and secure to the point that you can practically forget about it.

Payroll Management Made Easy

Here at Venn Accounts, we can efficiently manage full payroll for companies of all different sizes and niches, ranging from local retail businesses to SMEstech firms and startups.

We can manage your payroll for you, using the Xero automated system, giving you these benefits:

  • Xero is connected to HMRC, so will automatically send employee updates and calculate tax charges
  • It will send you email alerts 15 and 10 days before payroll processing, ensuring you pay your employees on time and provide the right information to HMRC
  • In addition, we process all your payments independently, before submitting them via Xero, providing an extra layer of checking to guarantee you’re making correct payments
  • As part of our payroll management, we can also calculate pension and national insurance contributions, and student loan repayments for your business.

Let us manage your payroll, so you can focus your valuable time on your core business objectives.

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